The Collection

The Manifattura Chini Museum was inaugurated in 1999, and is part of the territory’s Museum Network Museo diffuso. Numerous documents containing information on the Chini family production of ceramics and glass through the years are found in the museum. They document the productions of two manufacturers: L’Arte della Ceramica (The art of ceramics, approx. 1896-1904) in the Florentine and Fontebuona workshops, and the Fornaci San Lorenzo (approx. 1906-1944) in Mugello. In both these periods the success of the factories is mostly due to Galileo Chini (1873-1956) and to Chino Chini (1870-1957), respectively artistic director and technical director. In December 2011 a new display was set up in the Museum. Slightly different from the original display, it was created to exhibit an enhanced collection which includes numerous new pieces bought by the City, as well as works on temporary loan from various collectors. The tour starts on the ground floor of Villa Pecori Giraldi where we can still observe numerous traces of the versatile Chini production.